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Product name:Electronic forklift scale

Custom production: yes

Brand: Yingpai brand

Model: YCS

Form of measurement: electronic

Product uses: multifunctional

Order hotline:+86-400-021-8108

    Electronic forklift scale

    Forklift scale weighing platform is formed by hydraulic manual carrying structure and weighing component. It has features of small dimension size, light weight, and high accuracy. It is mainly applied in weighing of finished-products and semi-finished products in storage activities.


    Function of electronic forklift scale :

    Rechargeable batteries

    Surface plastic spraying

    Exclusive use sensor and weighing instrument

    Lifting of hydraulic driven weighing platform

    High precision weighing sensor and intelligent digital display instrument

    Product features of electronic forklift scale:

    Excellent weighing platform strength

    Precision: International III grade

    Equipped with 4 stainless steel alloy weighing sensor

    Convenient and flexible

    Gross weight, net weight and tare weight display

    Wagon balance selects carbon steel structure

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